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My 2015 Focus Goals

In as few words as possible


Less of Hana cloud, HCM taxes, especially PPACA, and fewer programming languages.

More of non-Hana cloud, cryptography, and treasury functionality.




First of all, to accomplish focus on one or few things something else must be put aside until there is a need for it. The first item is clearly the cloud, which to me is an extension of the internet,┬áportals, and networking in the pre-cloud era. I believe that a lot of progress has been made in 2014 by the leading companies in this sector that there really is no room for runners-up. It’s simply too late.

AWS is the clear leader and the second place is hotly contested by Microsoft and IBM, so neither SAP nor Oracle stand a chance to overtake and are reduced to playing in the eternal catch up mode.


Second, even though the healthcare portion of the tax code seems to have grown most in recent years and promises to grow even more in the near future, that space seems to be already very crowded and with plenty of specialists from the top tier accounting organizations, so unless you have an opportunity to belong to one of them you can only be a niche player. That place in my mind can be filled by the public and private key cryptography which is the underpinning of the bitcoin and any future virtual currency. The value of bitcoin fallen substantially in 2014, but the attention it has achieved from the unexpected corners like IRS or Federal Reserve means that it is poised to grow and further education to dispel confusion among public is needed.


Third, instead of chasing the hottest algorithmic expression in the form of a programming language whether it’s Python or Haskell or the next big thing, someone with a non-engineering background like myself needs to himself if this proliferation of encoding the simple math logic is what can set me apart of the ‘hello-worlders” and I don’t see anything of value add in that. Instead, the sophistication of corporate financial instruments and their markets seems to be on the increase and more narrow disciplines are bound to emerge. Investment banking was suspended as a legal form during the crunch of 2008, but it’s back and the need to service business combinations dressed in complicated vehicles seems to be still needed.


What are your focal points for 2015?


Posted by on December 30, 2014.

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