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Daily sFin Reporter 1.3

Note 2178681 ensures reconciliation between the source BSEG/COEP and ACDOCA tables. The actual correction is for removing just one field – BLDAT, but since the reconciling item surfaces at the end of the migration process some other notes need to be considered. Notes 2138644 and 2143121 are directly linked to this note. The former describes resetting of migration steps and the latter contains the transaction for migration status: FINS_MIG_STATUS.
The migration process steps can be irreversible (or cannot be repeated), but there are no specifics which ones and when. Instead, certain programing objects are provided to attempts a reset and/or deletion of a particular migration step whether it’s for a document (and its line items) and the balances (collections of transaction line items).
So, whenever there is a discrepancy between the source BSEG/COEP tables and the target table ACDOCA, a reset may actually be needed. The migration status should help with evaluation of which portion of the step is completed and which one has errored out. For example the migration SME can be faced with an instruction like “Reset sFin Aggregate Deltas Migration into UJE table ACDOCA” or go through 5 reconciliation steps.
There are also implication for the Note 2144868 which is discussed on a different wiki page, but due to complexity and specific purpose of that note, there is no need to go into more detail here.
Overall, this note shows a good progress towards keeping the integrity of the ACDOCA table to serve its purpose as the single source of truth which can be tapped through HANA’s optimized views to deliver on the performance promise of S/4HANA.

Posted by on June 10, 2015.

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