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Chapter 3 Inventory Example with All Necessary Explanations

´╗┐On November 8th, Anno Domini 1493, while residing in Venice at the Holy Apostles’ street I am listing the following Inventory.

This is inventory recorded by me in its natural order which contains all of my property, movable and immovable, as well as debts and claims of others as of today, in the following amounts.

Item One. First of all, I’m listing cash in gold and other coins these amounts and that many ducats, etc. So much is in Venetian and so much in the Hungarian gold coins. Further, that many broad guilders, among which are: Papal, Sienese and Florentine guilders, and so on. The rest consists of various silver and copper coins, such as: Throne, Marcello, Charlene, royal and papal, Florence and Milan testuni pennies, etc.

Item Two. I’m listing precious stones, both framed and rimless, in so much and so many pieces, between which there are that many flat-rimmed pale-red rubies, gold rings, 6 weighing so many ounces, carats and grains (indicating the weight of his choosing, individually or in group). I’m also listing sapphires, flat rim for women so much and so many pieces of so much weight, etc. – cone-shaped rubies rimless of such and such weight. The rest consists of plane-polished. You can optionally specify a class and define the weight of each collection element.

Item Three. Then, I’m listing garments of all kinds, so much of this one and so much of another. You should identify their color, lining, and design.

Item Four. List different kinds of silverware, such as cups, bowls, vessels, knives, forks, etc. You should list all one by one and identify the exact weight of each collection item. You should carefully count them one by one, as well as to determine their weight and their sample, to indicate whether it is manufactured by the method adopted in Venice, Ragusa, or in other places, and at the same time note their stamp or mark.

Item Five. List household linen, namely bed and table linen, shirts, scarves and so on – so much and so many pieces. Table linen consists of three pieces, two and a half pieces, and so on, and it should be noted, with an imprint from Padua, or from any other city, as well as whether it is new or has been used and what is the length of a piece of cloth, etc., how many shirts as filament cloths as large or small shawls, whether they are new or worn, and you can more accurately describe the quality of each.

Item Six. List that many feather pillows with down, new or used, with the new or the old lining, which, together or apart have so much weight or are made up of so many pieces. At the same time you should point out what tags are made on the subjects of your own or someone else’s, as required by custom.

Item Seven. List all sorts of products, both at home and in storage. First, ginger, in so many places and of so much weight and such. Continue the listing of all goods according to their kinds, with their trademarks, as accurately as possible, as well as possible clarity about their weight, number, measure and price.

Item Eight. List here domestic spices – so much, and so many bags, oblong or round, depending on what they contain, eg pepper – so much, measures of cinnamon weight – so many, so much and so many units of clove stalks, powder, with or without heads and so continue to list one after another.

Item Nine. List leather fittings, namely, the white lamb of the Apulian or Marochi, the number and quality of, etc. Then – fox furs – tanned, untanned and so on, tanned deer, pig hive, and so on and so so much.

Item Ten. List more furs – rabbit, ermine, sable furs of different colors and so on, and the number of classes so much and so many, and identify one another in accordance with the truth, a truth that should guide you. In drawing up the Inventory you require all things to be considered: the number, weight and measure, and the total count. Only these three types of measurements are found in the trade: some things are in the thousands, others in hundreds, even more – by the pound, ounce – for the other account, such as skin, etc., and some – one by one, such as precious stones and pearls etc. Note all of this yourself, and it will serve to guide you, otherwise you yourself will to need to redo it.

Item Eleven. If you also have a property and above all a house of so many floors and rooms (with its courtyard, well, garden, etc.), located on the outside of the Apostles along the canal next to the house of a certain (list here the names of neighbors), and should be marked with boundaries and make reference to legal records, if any. Just do the same for your houses in different locations.

Item Twelve. If you also have a field suitable for agriculture, as well as parks and plantations, you must include them according to the custom of the country in which you live or where they are located, and indicate their area. In addition, it should be noted, in what areas are your lands: in the Padua area or whether in some other. Then record an estate of such and such a gentleman, for whom you carry the general administrative duty, and set boundaries, acts, or possession of an article from mortgage records. Further, those involved in cultivating them, which total annual rent, beginning from a unit area. So, write down all your possessions, livestock and your co-owned with other possessions.

Item Thirteen. If you keep a vault or as part of a loan from other lending institutions list as many and so many ducats. You should also explain, in whose name the ducats were recorded, referring to the book of the institution and the sheet on which they recorded your article, then, the name of the scribe, who keeps the book to make it easier if you were to get their money back. This is necessary because these institutions have multiple accounts, as many refer to them. You should also indicate the date and period of interest to know the deadline, as well as to make payments in cash.

Item Fourteen. If you have different requirements for many others, namely: I have so many ducats for others, such and such a gentleman and so on. Thus, all listed, one after the other, indicating their exact names and place of origin, as they should and you be welcome. Likewise, you must list the handwritten receipts and notarial certificates, if any. In the end it should be mentioned: just have to get so much and so many ducats, namely, so many kept as lien if they are wealthy, but if not, then you say with unreliable debtors.

Item Fifteen. Consider yourself very appropriately: only ducats to such and such a gentleman. Here you have all of their creditors , one after another, even with your dated documents, ie receipts. Further, it may be necessary to certify to the court or out of court. Who was present at the conclusion of the loan, he concluded, his motives, how many and in what location it was transacted.

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