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Re: What would be cool to see in a modernized SAP Business Suite ?

responding to http://andvijaysays.com/2014/10/16/what-would-be-cool-to-see-in-a-modernized-sap-business-suite/

Hi Vijay,

i think there’s a bit of confusion about what HANA is today and what its promise is for the future. simply putting existing tables in another database won’t bring the realtime which has been ‘promised’ since R/3 days. only eliminating the storage of intermediate results from amortization, depreciation, elimination, aging, overhead allocations, etc and relying on line items only coming mostly from BSEG will bring the promised benefits of instant close, multilevel drilldown, and subtotals pivoting on any dimension desired. this hasn’t been written yet and the ultimate coding environment not quite settled ABAP, Java, standard SQL, MDX, openSQL, SQLscript, javascript, html, etc. are all viable at this point. here lies the opportunity of leveraging the RAM and translating it into millisecond SQL response times. we’ve been trying for 40 years and just because it hasn’t been achieved yet doesn’t mean we should stop trying.



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