Daily sFin Reporter 1.0

Today’s highlight is the Note 2159896 is only available in German (SAP Simple Finance 1503: Migration des Konsolidierungsvorber) which roughly translates into migration of consolidation preparation and deals mainly with the totals table GLT3. The other tables in the GL series are GLT0,1,2 and store the following respectively: G/L account master record transaction figures, Local General Ledger Summary, and Consolidation totals. There are many tradtional installations that don’t have any records in those table due to the simple fact that consolidation systems are downstream from General Ledger and usually processed downstream by competition (i.e. Oracle’s Hyperion).
The note is interesting for two reasons. First, it references quite a few other notes that are used in conjuction, e.g. Migration of G/L balances and reconciliation, Reconciliation errors regarding FI-GL, or Unnecessary error messages when checking the balance carryforwards. For anyone familiar with accounting operations of any business, these are critical business processes that have to run whether a business is small or large, private or public. Second, the note is applicable to the installed base that may have tried using the traditional consolidation going back to R/3 4.7 and has some financial records that need to be consistent when the transition is made to Simple Finance.
The actual ABAP code is evaluating table T881 (Ledger Master) for its relevance for both ACDOCA (new line items) and potentionally ECMCT (SAP Cons.: Totals Table), but it’s rather specific to table GLT3 mentioned earlier. The programs and classes don’t exist in lower versions of ABAP stack, so an upgrade is necessary for this code even to compile. This is not true for all the notes for sFIN200, but it’s true for most of them including the current one.
Yesterday, a large Note 2170587 containing over 12,000 lines of code was issued, but that’s a topic for a separate discussion.

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