Daily sFin Reporter 1.1


Note 2175941 is interesting because it again contains some interesting code, especially with regards to the new Simple Finance’s Central Finance table ACDOCA. Also, the note is correcting another note and it’s also issued in German only.
The ACDOCA table object in its entirety will only be installed with sFIN software component, but the test code offers an early glimpse into some of its structure. It’s less important how exactly the table is being used in the context of the note, but more how what its fields are and how they are populated. Knowing the structure of both BSEG (the traditional line items) and FAGLFLEXA helps in understanding ACDOCA. Also, some fields from COEP reappear to ensure a uniform financial coding block.
Another interesting term is NZDT or near zero down time. It sounds somewhat cryptic but all it’s saying is that both the upgrade and the actual migration to Simple Finance can be achieved with almost no lost time in operations, for example during the maintenance window. The note contains code to do a mini configuration for the leading ledger, company code, accounts, cost/profit centers, currencies and amounts or the basic central journals.
Next, test data is created and a reconcialition check is performed. Unless, there are error messages, test data is deleted from the tables. The error messages would be generated whenever there is a difference between COEP and ACDOCA. The latter contains the fields found in both COEP and FAGLFLEXA, but also brand new ones, e.g. rvunit (with value ‘ST’).
Many customers will not be able to immediately test the code contained in the note as they need to upgrade, sometimes from BSEG to FAGLFLEXA (ie from the tradtional to the new ledger) and then to ACDOCA (on to the Central Finance).

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