Daily sFin Reporter 1.2

Note 2170587 is wrapped around by note 2144868, so they are really going hand in hand. The former needs to go first, but it will not work until the wrapper note is deployed. Note 2170587 is not for the faint of heart as it creates hundreds of objects necessary for smoother transition to SAP Accounting.
The majority of ABAP artifacts are contained in 129 form updates. Migrations of BSEG and COEP table fields are defined in updates 27 through 31. Update 129 contains messages for business reconcialition reports as recommended by SAP Help: RFBILA00, RAGITT_ALV01, RAHAFA_ALV01, S_ALR_87013611, RKKBSELL, RFSSLD00, RFSOPO00, RFBELJ00, RFKUML00, RFKEPL00, RFDUML00, RFDEPL00, RFDAUB00. Some of those reports have been part of R/3 since version 3.1 and are used by the system to prove account balances which basically is a summation of individual financial transactions.
Many of the reports listed above have been written for volumes of business that has been outgrown and may not even be used by end users due to unacceptably long runtimes. Whether it’s sales (RFDUML00) or purchases (RFKUML00) customers need to have the ability to run those reports on their own and be able to drill down to single transactions in split seconds rather than to think in terms of batch jobs schedules and runs.
Once the objects are created and properly cross-referenced, the wrapper note 2144868 needs to be evaluated. Again, it’s not an easy task as it in turn references some 66 other notes and 352 objects, some of which have been created by the preceeding note 2170587. The actual code runs over 21,000 lines, but without testing it in a system it’s hard to see exactly what happens to the underlying tables. It seems that they are reconciled to the source tables which contain the pre-migration financials: BKPF/BSEG, COEP, and FAGLFLEXA.
I will be coming back to these two notes to glean more tips from the clues within the ABAP code. What’s more, SAP also seems to be creating new versions for those notes, so their content may actually change on a daily basis.



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